Increase Storage by Adding an Island to Your Kitchen

Increase Storage by Adding an Island to Your Kitchen
Increase Storage by Adding an Island to Your Kitchen
August 31, 2011 Russ Busa

If you’re looking to do a kitchen remodel and want that designer look and feel – not to mention the added bonus of extra storage space – then it’s time to add a gorgeous island to your kitchen.

Consider the kitchen island to be your secret storage weapon. While many homeowners like the added cooking space that a kitchen island provides, there’s a hidden bonus to the island that many you may have overlooked: You can store virtually anything in these in-demand features. From extra pots and pans to large appliances, a kitchen island just might be what you need to free your kitchen from clutter. And did I mention that a kitchen island is one of the most desirable features you can add to your kitchen as part of your remodeling project?

Here are a few more tips on how to increase storage by adding an island to your kitchen:

  • If you’ll be preparing food on your island, then be sure to install different food prep items to make the task easier. From cutting boards to utensil drawers, a kitchen island will store everything so that it’s on hand for dinnertime.
  • Let’s face it – no one likes the look of a freestanding trash barrel. Put your kitchen island to good use by installing a pull-out trash drawer. It’s a simple way to increase storage as well as improve the aesthetic quality of your kitchen.
  • Your kitchen island can provide a great space for you to install large appliances. You could install a cook top which will enable you to interact with your family and friends while preparing dinner. You could also add an additional prep sink.

As you can see, when it comes to increasing your storage space, an island just might be the answer for you. Call Sterling Homes today at 508-277-1020. As part of our kitchen remodeling service, we will refer you to one of our partner kitchen designers help you design your kitchen space to incorporate an island centerpiece.